3 Advantages Of Staying In Designer Hotel In Saigon

Design hotels are characterized by a display of impeccable taste reflected in the hallways and walls of a luxury hotel. These types of hotels are not affiliated by any chain of hotels and are therefore unique and one of a kind. If you are looking for a designer hotel in Saigon, you can easily find it on the internet or travel magazines. One thing that you have to understand though is that, designer hotels can be quite pricy due to the added value on its rates. Here are some of the notable advantages of booking at a designer hotel.

One of a kind experience

It’s not every day that you get to stay in a posh hotel and be surrounded by expensive classical paintings and artefacts. You may have stayed in numerous hotels but most probably, you haven’t stayed in a luxury hotel that is meticulously styled to achieve perfection. Every piece of antique and valuable pieces of artwork is carefully considered to add a little more opulence for their customers. Booking in a designer hotel is a truly unique experience and something that you can share with other tourists when you visit another country.

They are picture-perfect

If you are one of the millions of people who are addicted to Instagram and Facebook, then a designer hotel in Saigon would be perfect for you. Get your cameras ready and take some practice shots in the area. If you are a pro, you can include the photos in your portfolio or you can just the photos to put your friends in awe.

Comfortable and convenient

While a designer hotel in Saigon is unique because of its artful concept, it is nothing less when it comes to convenience and quality service. Designer hotels are pretty much the same with other luxury hotels that has nothing but customer satisfaction in mind. To add more convenience to your travel, choose a designer hotel that is located right at the heart of Saigon where transportation is not an issue and where you can enjoy the scenery around you.