A Family of Features That Use Predictive Algorithms and Big Data to Improve Visitor Experience

For online retailers, the holiday season is peak selling time which means optimizing the sites so that they can covert first time visitors into customers. It is also important for the website to enhance the shopping experience of their customers so that they can increase their revenue. Instart Logic is cloud application delivery specialist that is launching new performance solutions designed to enhance the website experience for retail and ecommerce sites.

A solution for ecommerce sites is new One Time Cache that helps sites acquire first time visitors through fast and personalized experiences. User Personalization on the other hand allows companies to optimize their revenue by predictively prioritizing its visitors during peak traffic times. These new tools can be considered as a family of features with the capabilities to use predictive algorithms and big data so that website performance and user experience can be improved.

Every year, the holiday season provides opportunities for ecommerce websites to convert new visitors into customers and to increase their revenue from loyal customers. According to Manav Mital, the CEO of Instart Logic, they are assisting ecommerce retailers in leveraging software technologies like predictive algorithms and big data so that they can improve their online business performance during this most important and productive time of the year.

Through One Time Cache, online retailers can predictively pre-load dynamically generated web pages and serve them from the cache to their first time visitors. By avoiding a round trip back to the customer’s origin, performance is improved from 30% to 50% for first visits to an online retailer’s website.

Through User Prioritization, the online retailer can predict which users are likely to be valuable so that they can be prioritized during peak traffic times. When the percentage of end users who access the site is controlled higher value buyers are prioritized over others. This method increases the retailer’s revenue under unexpected loads. It also allows for a dramatic improvement in user experience as well as customer retention and revenue.

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