A Former Apple Employee Inaugurates Its School Furniture Manufacturers’ Business

A new startup school furniture manufacturers known as Campaign are out to provide a solution to order a chair from an online site, or to assemble a bookshelf just like IKEA.

Campaign has been officially inaugurated to provide a line of chairs and sofas that can be put together using no tools in just few minutes. It has been manufactured and designed in the United States, which can be shipped easily using FedEx or UPS. The company also offers returns on all its products as well as free shipping.

Brad Sewell started out the company, who used to work for Apple as a supply base engineer for iPhone and iPod manufacturing designs in 2010. Campaign’s COO Raul Molina also worked as a manufacturing designer in Apple, where the two met while being employed at Honda.

Sewell first initiated the concept of the company, who just moved from California to Boston for business school and found a suitable problem in the furniture industry. He admits he has a taste for quality, but only has a budget to allow IKEA to finish its business.

He then chose to find a way to make the high quality school furniture manufacturers affordable and can be effectively shipped and assembled.

Campaign began innovating models on the spring of 2014 and today, it has been officially inaugurated as an ecommerce website.

Sewell aims to target people who appreciate high-end furniture stores like Room & Board or Design Within Reach; but with a lower budget and isn’t happy with the quality or assembly required by Crate and Barrels, IKEA, CB2s and West Elms. “IKEA may be a choice for an assembly experience; however, considering the cost analysis, assembly and shipping may need you to wait for some time,” he says.

The furniture from the company come from organic cotton and recyclable steel tubing, where three pieces are available: a three-seater sofa costing $995, a two-seater loveseat costing $745, and an armchair for $495. The company aims to create tables, dining room sets, bedroom sets, outdoor and bathroom furniture.

Sewell also plans to partner with other school furniture manufacturers for an exclusive and limited edition of covers for the furniture. He also plans to open up a store and develop its showroom partners.