A New Innovation Of Keyless Lock

The lock on your doors is considered the first line of defense of your property but this defense system now has its very own defense system too. If you have not heard of Amadas Smart Lock before then they are tagged as a security solution that focuses on the needs of the users.

It has already a line of smart home appliances developed and they continue to develop other products. The latest offering of Amadas system is the connected level lock. The said lock is made of stainless steel but its most outstanding feature is that it comes with a built-in emergency recharge, it allows keyless entry and there are security functions that make use of AES encryption.

You read it correctly. You will no longer need a key in order to enter a door that has been installed with Amadas. What you can do, on the other hand, is input the correct PIN with the use of your smartphone or through the direct physical lock on your door. What Amadas promises is that it can be installed easily with just the aid of a screwdriver and it is an intuitive option. This is the best alternative if you don’t want to find yourself lock out of your house ever again.

The system is battery operated and tested to work under various circumstances. Homeowners will be able to gain entry by pressing the right PIN but if time comes that the battery runs out then you just have to shine a light on the solar panel that comes with the system to recharge it in as fast as 20 seconds or less.

Once you have entered the house, the system will relock once more. There is also an auto-lock feature which can be turned on. In this case, once your phone is within the set radius, unlocking your phone would mean unlocking the door at the same time. With the use of Amadas, you will have keyless doors but if you prefer the standard lock for your doors then there is always emergency locksmith in Perth to help in case you lock yourself out.