A Safer Pedestrian

Once in a person’s life, there will come a time where you will be the one acting as pedestrian. You might always drive wherever you go but there are circumstances that will require you to walk and cross the street making you a pedestrian. Walking can be a form of exercise or a medium of transport from one place to another thus it is important that everyone is well informed on how to act properly as a pedestrian and contribute in road safety.

There are risks when it comes to being a pedestrian and one must always be on guard. Here are some tips one should remember in order to stay safe and avoid accidents.

  • Always be aware of everything around you. Collisions are mostly caused by either the driver or the pedestrian. Undivided attention must be given to vehicles while walking as well as following all the proper traffic rules.
  • Don’t be distracted. There are many types of distractions nowadays and the most common ones are the ones we carry around such as smart phones, handheld gadgets, headphones, newspaper and consuming food and drinks while walking. One must focus on the road and make sure these things are kept at bay while on the move.
  • Make sure you are always sober. Analysis on the most common road accidents have shown that many traffic crashes are due to pedestrians and drivers who are under the influence of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol will affect how one makes sudden decision and hinders the natural reflexes of the body.
  • Walk in areas with enough lighting or if the road home is dark then it is wise to invest in a switch jacket which can be worn both day and night because of the reversible feature with reflective material on one side. If possible, make sure to stay on the sidewalk and path dedicated for pedestrian. If there is no sidewalk then make sure you are going against the traffic and walking on the far side. Visibility is important since drivers’ view can be obstructed by anything.

Make sure to follow all the important traffic rules and always stay vigilant to avoid any untoward incidents.