Airbnb Brokers Partnership Deal With Thai Gov’t, Blanking Out Violators Of Hotel Act

Recently, local operators in the Kingdom protested for legislation against the illegal hotel, tour guides and liveaboard in Thailand, and with that came the Hotels Act, which lead to the legislation and regulation of a lot of businesses. In particular, the house-sharing business was completely outlawed by the act, and Airbnb, the company hailed for popularizing the idea, has been working to get new terms from the government.

Now, the two have formed a partnership. Starting on the 7th of July, Airbnb and Thailand’s Ministry of Interior’s DOLA will now be working together to train the local provincial officials in the country in international hospitality, hosting and compliance standards, as well as integrating the local Thai home stays onto Airbnb’s global platform.

The partnership was launched by DOLA Director-General SuttipongJuljarern, in cooperation with Airbnb Director of Public Policy for Asia Pacific Mike Orgill, officially at the Chulalaongkorn University Alumni Association on the 3rd of July.

The partnership was accompanied with an official release, which detailed the key points of the partnership, which are as follows:

  • Conduct sessions with the aim of training and sharing information regarding Airbnb, as well as how to use the platform to benefit local communities;
  • Raise the quality of homestays by training officials on hospitality, hosting and compliance standards;
  • Equip officials with the necessary digital skills to help locals make and manage their very own listings, and;
  • Build a local community of hosts in the Thai provinces that can offer support and share ideas with each other.

More than 100 Thai officials joined the joint training workshop, representing 11 provinces; Ayutthaya,¬† Buririam, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Chonburi, NakhonRatchasima, Petchaburi, Satun, Songkhla, Sukhothai and UbonRatchathani. The workshop conducted by Airbnb, with guest speakers from the Ministry of Interior’s Department of Provincial Administration as well as the Thai Immigration Bureau.

Both Airbnb and the Ministry of Interior’s DOLA welcomed the new partnership, with both parties seeing the it not only as a way to deal with all the illegal hotels, tour operators and liveaboard in Thailand, but also to work Airbnb into Thailand in a way that would benefit the local communities.