Altering The Economies Of Mining Operations Through Technology

Work in the mining industry is still largely done by people and executed through processes enabled by technology. The key to success is to match technology with the skills of mining workers. If companies will evolve in their use of technology, the mine design can be changed to alter the economies of the operations. This will allow mines to be more flexible to meet different economic conditions.

In the mining industry, value chain that starts from exploration to downstream beneficiation is highly reliant on science, technology, engineering and math skills or STEM skills. In order for South Africa to realize the value of its national mineral resources endowment, it is important for the mining industry to adopt technology and change its mining methods according to the quality of its workforce that is competent on the necessary STEM skills.

There are several stages that technology has to go through before it can be commercialized and deployed. According to Dr. Gordon Smith, technology is a means to modernize how mining operates. Smith emphasizes that technology readiness has to be well managed because it is a long process and requires various skills from research and development to the commercial readiness stage.

Some of the technologies that can change the ways in which mining is undertaken include real-time excavation mapping, collision avoidance and automation innovations that will ensure workers are removed immediately from unsafe areas. It will also redefine the way that mining is done in the underground space.

In terms of underground mining, the focus must be on improving productivity while ensuring the safety of workers. In the mineral processing stage, process automation will play a crucial role in improving the mining’s value chain. Through data management, all available data can be fully analyzed for future use. However, the challenge is in effectively integrating technology to the mining system.

In the mining industry, different equipment and machines are critical to the success of its operations. To improve productivity and efficiency, hammer mill manufacturer offers hammer mills with high quality and reliability. The equipment is easy to maintain and manage without any complex assemblies that require qualified experts.