Amazon Alexa Stepping Into Home Security With ADT

The ADT customers are soon going to have the ability to manage their home security systems with the use of Amazon Alexa voice service. During the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES), it was made public by ADT that its Pulse ecosystem is going to already support the products Amazon Echo and Echo Dot.

Access to security system

Pulse enables the ADT customers to remotely access their home security system and also provide several features for home automation. With the Amazon Alexa integration, these customers are now going to have the ability to arm or disarm their home security system with the use of a PIN and of voice commands, based from a press release.

The integration is going to be rolled out within the month, according to the release. By February, ADT is going to start providing the Alexa devices to its customers. It is also going to assist with the setup and the device support. The Alexa users easily set up “skills” to enable its latest features.

The latest skill count for Alexa surpasses five thousand, and the smart home skills belong to the most known, as noted by Mike George, Amazon Alexa’s vice president, in the release.

According to ADT’s chief marketing officer Jamie Haenggi in the release, the vision of Amazon to make the home automation easier with voice enabled action was in tandem with their passion to deliver security, as well as customer service. Amazon provided them with an opportunity to go further in the automation and security space.

Other capabilities of Alexa

Aside from a home security system, Alexa also has an ability to interact with several other devices which are Pulse-compatible, such as smart locks, light dimmers, outdoor cameras and thermostats.

With Alexa’s integration to ADT, it is going to offer value to its customers, as well as the SMBs that may be customers of ADT too. Getting verbal confirmation coming from Alexa that a home security system is on, or disarming it through a PIN and voice can relieve stress from SMB owners of opening their offices in a day, as examples.

Summing up

With the emergence of these home security systems, whether diy home security or not, securing homes and other spaces has become easier.