An Expat’s Guide To Living In Thailand – International Schools In Thailand

In every country, there is a handful of International Schools. International schools promote international education as they adopt an international curriculum, mostly American or British. These institutions mainly cater to those who seek an education that is outside of the national curriculum of the host country. Students of international schools are often, but not limited to, foreigners to the host country. Locals may also attend aiming to obtain qualifications to further seek higher education or career abroad, like foreign languages or foreign relations. For the regular standards of an international school, Thailand has a different approach. Albeit they still teach cross-culture in their curriculum, they prioritize their own native tongue with regards to teaching their institution’s main language, the Thai Language.

Thailand is undeniably a tourist-based country. With millions of tourists visiting annually and a large number of foreign businessmen doing business in the country regularly, it is inevitable to have a good market of students seeking an education with an international curriculum. The country has more than the average number of international institutions answering this need. And they do not exist just for business because, in any given accredited international school, Thailand does not disappoint in quality.

International educators in Thailand has ample support of placements on international studies and in-service training to ensure that they continue to produce graduates ready to take on challenges in the international arena. The International Schools Association of Thailand (ISAT) keep tabs of all the international institutions and educators in the country. Each of their member institutions is accredited by various international renowned accreditation organizations and hold regular meetings and forums to exchange updated information. The different members work closely with each other for the same goal, to the point of holding sporting events with each other. Although dubbed an international school, they prioritize to produce graduates still with strong Thai ties in language and in culture. With international deployment expected of each student, it is expected of them to bring more tourists with just the display alone of their Thai roots through their regular day-to-day interactions.

However, it is also noteworthy to make sure that before admitting your children to a particular institution to always research on credentials. It has been reported that some schools advertise themselves as international schools but do not really qualify to be one. Always check first that the institution is a member of ISAT and verify for other accreditations.