Apple Going Domestic With Its High Tech Manufacturing

Last Monday, a notice was published by the United States Federal Government that Apple is requesting permission to conduct “high-tech manufacturing” and construct a data centre server gear in Mesa Arizona. Apple is seeking approval from the Foreign Trade Zones so that the tech company can produce finished products in the special zone that offers exemptions from the payment of custom duty taxes.

According to the document that was filed with Mesa, Apple will repurpose the site to become a global data command centre for the purpose of high tech manufacturing of finished data centre cabinets for other data centres. If you will remember, Apple came under fire when Donald Trump made a comment regarding iPhones and other popular products being produced in other countries instead of the United States.

Apple’s efforts to manufacture a finished product domestically are very rare for the tech company particularly since labour costs are significantly higher within the US compared to other countries. However, the company’s efforts seem to be limited only to equipment for internal operations and not products distributed for mass consumption. The nature of the finished product is not intended for end-users but for global data centres that will be supported from the Mesa site.

The servers that Apple uses in its facilities like the data centres in Oregon and North Carolina are presently built and tested on-site. Apple will consolidate work in Mesa where it plans to configure servers before it is shipped to other US data centres. The huge facility that Apple owns in Mesa is being used to produce sapphire screen coverings. However, the supplier has already filed for bankruptcy before it finished production of the coverings.

The facility will now be transformed into a global command centre so that Apple can provide the best data support. The facility will also be used to store and serve iCloud backups and iTunes.

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