Apple TV Business To Be Managed By Former Amazon Executive

Apple TV has not reached the overwhelming success that Steve Jobs has envisioned when he launched the product 10 years ago. Younger competitors that include Roku, Chromecast, and FireTV literally got a bigger share of the market and overtook Apple.

Apple has now undertaken a step to help turn around the struggling Apple TV division by hiring Timothy Twerdahl a former Amazon hardware executive. Twerdahl will be taking over the responsibilities of Peter Distad who previously run the hardware division. According to Bloomberg, Distad, a former Hulu executive will focus his attention on content deals.

According to analysts from eMarketer, at least 11.3% of connected consumers are using Apple TV. Based on estimates, Apple’s market share is continuing to shrink due to its price because at $150 Apple TV is significantly more expensive than the other major streaming devices. Price is only one of the reasons because it seems that Apple TV content has not been refreshed in more than a year. It is still supporting 1080p.

Hopefully, Twerdahl may be able to help jumpstart the product, after all his resume shows he has worked in senior hardware roles for Motorola, Netflix, Roku and WIMM Labs prior to joining Amazon. During his four years at Amazon, Twerdahl oversaw the 2014 launch of FireTV as director and general manager. Amazon’s FireTV became America’s best-selling streaming media TV device. This demonstrates the fact that Amazon can go head-to-head with Apple when it comes to hardware. Amazon has experienced success with Kindle, its tablets and Echo.

The hiring of Twerdahl is a sign that Apple still believes in connected TV experience. Twerdahl has the experience in internet-connected devices which can improve Apple’s efforts at providing video content and living room devices. If successful, Apple TV can augment the revenue being generated from the sales of iPhone and iPad.

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