Apply Boasts Of A New Design At Their Chadstone Store

A wide range of businesses from cafes to clothing stores, sports equipment outlets to hardware stores can benefit from shop fitouts in Canberra that will transform space to a place where customers will feel more happy and relaxed. A team of designers will ensure that visual appeal is enhanced as well as functionality.

Technology giant Apple has launched its first retail space with a brand new design at Chadstone shopping centre to take advantage of the Christmas rush. The new Apple store is 3 times the size of the old store that opened in 2008. At present, Apple has 22 stores all over Australia and it is looking for a location for store number 23.

According to Apple’s senior vice president for retail, Angela Ahrendts, Apple is thrilled to open the Chadstone store in a stunning new location. The store will introduce to Australian consumers the latest store designs of Apple.

Apple has spent several years to search for the best possible location for a marquee shop in Melbourne’s Central Business District. Apple’s other existing stores are located at Doncaster Shopping Town and Southland. Apple requires between 1,500 and 3,000 square meters of floor space for a shop fitout.

One of the busiest stores of Apple is the one located in Chadstone. An average of 3,500 customers visits the store daily. The store which is part of Vicinity Centre’s $650 million refurbishment, boasts of a 4.2 meter tall bronze pivot doors that open to the “Avenue,” an imitation of a boulevard with window displays the showcase Apple products.

The “Genius Grove” will display native Ficus Flash trees with natural light underneath a skylight set 7.6 meters into the ceiling. A 6K video wall will be the heart of “the Forum” while “the Boardroom” will provide a meeting place for app developers, entrepreneurs and business customers.

The goal of shop fitouts in Canberra is make customer’s happy with the visual appeal and functionality of the business space. Design must always be improved so that customers will have something to look forward to every time they come for a visit. Businesses owe it to their customers to provide a satisfactory in-store experience.