Australian Businesses Are More Likely To Call On Consulting Services

The most attractive markets for consulting services include the DACH market composed of countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Coming in second in the attractiveness index is Australia that has become a very enthusiastic user of consultants. According to a report from Planning for Growth 2017 made by research firm Source Global Research, Australian businesses are more likely to call advisors than businesses in other countries.

If you will compare Australia to more matured markets like North America and Germany, the premium consulting market of Australia has so much room for growth because companies are aware of the value of external support. Boards and management teams are constantly pressured to seek new resources for growth whether within or outside the core. Clients are also dealing with external pressures which are not within their immediate control like advances and disruptions of new technology, commodity prices and new competitors.

Australia has become a very mature market with sophisticated clients who prefer using consultants. According to the author of the report, Edward Haigh, Australia’s consulting market is one of the biggest in the world and client demand for consultants is expected to pick up next year. In fact, Australia has overtaken the United Kingdom and the United States as the second most attractive consulting market in the world.

The report is based on a global survey of 2,700 senior users and buyers of consulting services. The report also ranked 17 consulting markets all over the world based on the following factors: market growth, average revenue per consultant, propensity of clients to buy consulting services and the ability to find staff. The observations in the report are consistent with the moves of all types of consultants that range from strategy firms to accounting consultants, advisory firms, technology firms and digital services. At the moment the hot topic across all industries is digital services.

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