Basic Maintenance Tips For Air Conditioners To Prepare Them For Summer

Winter had just ended and now you’d once again be able to enjoy the outdoors without having to fear freezing to your doom. During spring, most people are very busy with watching the plants come back to life, enjoying the sun once again. However, you should remember that spring is also the time for general cleaning and maintenance. It is that time of the year where your house craves attention the most. While you may tend to focus on cleaning and repairing your house, don’t forget to give your HVAC system a little tender loving care. Do not forget that you had overworked your HVAC system during the winter season and that it would need a little servicing too.

One thing you shouldn’t forget is to conduct maintenance on your air conditioner because you would have to prepare it for summer where it would be working non-stop just to keep you cool. Here are some maintenance tips that you can use to prepare your air conditioning for the summer.

  1. Replace the air filter. When you constantly use your air conditioner, know that you would need to replace its filter every month otherwise allergens and other particles might inhabit the air you breathe.
  2. System Check. Once you have finished replacing the old air filter with a new one, make sure to test the unit to make sure that it is working properly.
  3. Exhaust Cleaning. The exhaust section is responsible for pulling fresh air in and expelling stale air. It is located on the outdoor unit. You should know that dirt, leaves and even pollen can clog the exhaust section. Clean this section by picking the materials that had gotten stuck and then washing it to remove the dirt that had remained.
  4. Check the Ducts. Make sure that the air vents are not obstructed otherwise the air conditioner wouldn’t be able to properly cool the house. If you think the air flow doesn’t coincide with the settings you have chosen, call a specialist.
  5. Early Preparation. Spring is definitely the time that you should prepare your AC unit. If you don’t do this then the AC might malfunction during your greatest need.