Bird’s Eye View Shot Of Your Wedding Through Drones

The latest trend today is destination weddings where the couple gets married in a faraway place like Thailand. A romantic event at Phuket wedding resorts is an exclusive experience that a couple will never forget. Phuket boasts of white sandy beaches and a view that is amazing and picturesque. It is the perfect backdrop for the wedding photographs that will be posted on social media.

However, to ensure that you have unique wedding photographs, why not try drones? Drones are being tested by Amazon to deliver packages. They are also used for environmental conservation, real estate photography, surveying of critical sites and for agriculture. Reactions are quite mixed in the use of this technology but there is no stopping some professional wedding photographers from using the technology to get the best photos.

Drones are the newest addition to wedding parties because it has the capability to take “bird’s eye view” shots. If a drone is used for your wedding day, the photographs taken will be unparalleled. Drones that used to be associated with war instead of commercial usageare now used for graffiti after the wedding. In fact, an Italian innovation firm, Carlo RattiAssociati launched a project last year using several regulated spray painting drones in the creation of street art. In 2015, a drone was used to graffiti Kendall Jenner’s billboard.

In several parts of the world, drones have been cleared by authorities to deliver food orders. Chipotle and Domino’s have wowed the crowd when they tested drone-delivered pizzas and burritos. Early this year, Uber Eats has also announced that it will be running a trial program in San Diego for aerial food delivery.

In vineyards, drones with installed software are used to test diseases, yield and agricultural characteristics that human’s fail to accomplish. The result is wine that has a higher quality.

Drones can be used at Phuket wedding resorts to take unique photographs as long as they are registered at any NBTC office. The resort is designed to accommodate your wildest dreams of a romantic and unique wedding. There are also professional wedding planners who are passionate about their jobs and will help you realize your dreams.