Bullet Train In Pattaya Expected To Run In 2023

A number of public hearings have been conducted with regards to the proposed hi-speed train in Pattaya. The government recently announced that Japan will help fund the project and the train will connect three major airports of Thailand – Don Muang, U-Tapao and Suvarnabhumi. The hi-speed train is expected to be fully operation in 2023. Aside from the three airport stops, the bullet train will also have stops along Pattaya. This is expected to increase developments just like a hotel near BTS and other projects developed after the improvement of the mass transit system.

The train route will have a total of 193 kilometers starting in Bangkok going to Samut Prakan as well as Chachoengsao and Chnoburi then it will stop in Rayong. This is a measure taken by the government to create a transport system that will better connect the Eastern Economic Corridor which is currently the focus of many huge investments from the international market. It was in 2010 when the idea of bullet trains in Thailand was rejected but after the government has turned over to the military, the views have changed.

The railway station of Pattaya will be included in the route of the bullet train and many business owners who have invested in the resort are happy about the announcement. The project is expected to cost 215 billion baht. Everyone is excited about it because it has been printed in overhead signs that are located at the road tunnel recently developed in Sukhumvit.

As of the moment, no public transport is connecting Pattaya to the U-Tapao airport located in Rayong. The commute is greatly dominated by minibuses and private taxis in the area.

According to an estimate made by the State Railway of Thailand, more than 100,000 daily commuters will be using the City Line which will run between the airports of Suvernabhumi and Don Muang. For the route between Rayong and Bangkok, it is expected that around 65,000 will be commuting daily. New hotels might be developed near these routes since a hotel near BTS is one of the most attractive accommodations to tourists and local guests.