Choosing Your Bathroom Vanity Unit

When you are planning to shop for a bathroom vanity, there are several important questions that you need to ask yourself first. Whether you are looking for something that will work in a not so spacious bathroom of you are updating a spacious bathroom in the master bedroom, the steps and guide below will surely help you out in choosing the right furnishing or vanity item for your space.

Exactly how much space do you have in your bathroom? It is very important that before you make that purchase, you need to have the exact measurements of your bathroom space. Take into consideration the storage and counter space that you will need. Take note also of the area where you will place your bathroom vanity unit. The depth and width are usually fixed measurements because of the physical space inside your bathroom but you can have more freedom in shopping for the height of the vanity item. The overall width refers to the side to side measurement of the top of the vanity item. The overall height on the other hand will depend on any medicine cabinet or mirror that may have been installed already above the vanity item. Also consider your personal preferences. The overall depth pertains to the narrower bathroom. Vanities which usually have smaller depths are necessary. Ensure that there will be no interference in the entryway, shower door or storage drawers.

How many sinks do you currently have? If space is not one of the factors that you will consider in choosing a vanity item, the number of sinks has to be factored in. Most common type is the single vanity. This is especially suitable for small spaces. Vanities with one sink are among the great option in these cases. For those with ample counter space, single vanities that have large width are recommended. Double vanities on the other hand are great for family bathrooms.

With these things in mind, you probably now have a concrete idea on what to do before shopping for your vanity unity. For quality products, Bathrooms and More Store is suggested and you can Visit the website here.