Community Brands Acquired Expo Logic

Community Brands is a company known to provide software solutions that are cloud-based. Their clients are schools, associations, faith-based organizations and nonprofits. Recently, the company announced their decision to acquire Expo Logic which specialized in technology and service geared towards global events. The news was a welcome topic among conference and event management companies as the industry is getting more recognition from other sectors.

After the acquisition of Expo Logic, Community Brands is confident that their event management offering is going to be stronger than ever. More services are expected to open up aside from the current ones which include video capture of conference content, event registration and fundraising for mobile events.

Community Brands’ CEO and President, Jean-Paul Guilbault, said that the events and meetings are vital in the improvement of the performance of their customers as an organization and it also boost the economy of the country. He added that this new step will lead them to take further steps forward in the events industry. Furthermore, this is an essential step they need to overcome to raise the value of over 100,000 events that they are organizing annually.

The company’s expertise in innovative technology will provide a better customer experience including the attendees. They are looking forward to the positive outcome of the service improvements as they tackle the face-to-face meetings and events.

Expo Logic is known to be experts when it comes to events and its respective onsite registration, retrieval solutions for leads and tracking of all the attendees. The two companies will make it possible to have integration between their data for a seamless operation. Expo Logic will contribute the technology for event management while Community Brands will handle that platform for membership management.

If the integrated solutions are to be utilized by clients, they will be able to have improved event experiences, have easier ways of recognizing event venues and gain better understanding of the behaviours of their attendees. These two are now considered to be the go-to partner of organizations when it comes to conference and event management because of their ideal merging.