Company Devices Comb That Uses Ultrasound Waves To Eradicate Lice

Parents of kindergarten and elementary school children get anxious whenever their children come home and scratch their heads due to lice. Lice are really common – 3 out of 4 children likely suffer from these pests once in their lives.

It is also estimated that the lice treatment market is at $2 billion. Lice treatment can be done in several ways, such as tea tree oil for lice, metallic combs and the use of prescription and over-the-counter medications.

An innovation for destroying lice and lice eggs

ParaSonic, a newcomer in the lice treatment market and a company that came from New Generation Technology 3 (NGT3), recently developed a device that aims to eradicate the lice and lice eggs using ultrasound waves, with the absence of chemicals. Its product is a comb which is used at home. This product is expected to come out in the market with one year. ParaSonic professes that the device will show results only after a single combing that lasts around 5 minutes. In addition, it is also not painful. This is in contrast to all the other combs sold in the market that have finer teeth, which don’t also make use of ultrasound waves.

ParaSonic is founded on the support of a patent acquired by the entrepreneur Mor Cohen and is managed by its CEO David Tabor, who managed some bio-med companies before. Tabor mentioned that the capital that they have raised will allow them to do advancements in the development, to protect and to expand their knowledge infrastructure that is protected by patent, and to finish the clinical trials. They believe that they will succeed in getting their product in time for production and marketing with one year. Their starting target markets involve the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Israel – the places where lice already developed their resistance to chemical components used.

Zohar Gendler, NGT3 managing partner and CEO, said that ParaSonic will bring the consumers worldwide a true revolution in handling lice through an environmentally friendly, effective, and quick-working breakthrough device. They are also confident that this will treat a problem that is creating trouble for parents and children all over the world.