Cutting Edge Technology To Protect Workers From Occupational Diseases

Effective control measures are very important for the protection of workers against occupational diseases. Workers use personal protective equipment for safety but lately, it has become possible to integrate PPE with wearable smart and connected solutions. According to Sean Clay, President of Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions for Europe, connected safety solutions are cutting edge technology that can monitor the environment and work exposures to help managers make informed decisions.

The connected safety solution integrates smart and wearable sensors with cutting edge software so that exposure in hazardous environments can be monitored. With real time and accurate data, safety managers can make intelligent decisions to further improvements in health and safety systems. The solution has become a reality through the combination of small sensing technologies, reduced energy consumption, existing wireless connectivity and the Smartphone. When these vital technologies are combined together, safety managers are able to capture data and transmit them to the cloud.

The United Kingdom has one of the best records when it comes to health and safety. The number of fatalities and injuries in the workplace has been greatly reduced following the introduction of Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. However, the focus has now shifted to occupational diseases to identify ill-health in the company’s premises.

One of the challenges of occupational safety is the long latency of diseases. It is very critical to have control measures with sound data to inform the process. Years ago, industries have not recognized the possibility of technology-based solutions to help in making decisions for the protection of worker’s health.

While safety is certainly a priority, businesses also need to consider the health of their workers. For example, when the worker is exposed to particulates, it may not be immediately fatal but sustained exposure for a prolonged period of time can be highly detrimental to health.

There is an increasing desire for many businesses to implement health and safety systems to the workplace. It is important for businesses to engage a health and safety provider to make sure that all measures are being undertaken for a health and safety audit in NZ.