Demanding Hotel Guests Prompted Bathroom Upgrades

Many travelers are expecting more of their bathrooms when staying in hotels as much as they do in their bedrooms. This is the reason why many hotels decided to improve their bathroom game in order to provide more creative lavatories. Gone are the days when marble vanity basins are enough to impress the guests.

The biggest hotel company in the world, Marriott International, improved all its bathrooms which carry the Marriott Hotels signature brand of the company. The latest design come open shower made possible with a floor to ceiling glass wall. This creates an illusion of a bigger bathroom space and it has a luxury vibe to it.

According to the hotel’s global design strategies’ vice president, Lionel Sussman, they are spending a lot of time to highlight their bathrooms because majority of their guests have upgraded bathrooms in their own properties that comes with luxury amenities and intricate finishing along with the latest technology.

The Innovation Lab of the company is currently testing a feature that will make it possible for guests to have personalized objects inside the hotel room that will make bathroom time more efficient. Take for example a programmable life sized mirror that can present yoga moves or a shower that can be turned on without touching any physical knob. There are more features that are currently under test in the laboratory of Marriott such as the comparison between tile and terrazzo.

Economy hotel chains are also improving their guests’ bathroomexperience through technology, lighting and design.

The director of design for Best Western, Amy Hulbert, said that many years ago bathroom for guestsoffer only the basic amenities such as water closet, tub or shower and vanity. Nowadays, trends are changing and they are geared towards residential bathroom styles.

Hilton, on the other hand, is creating deconstructed bathrooms which have a concept of separating the grooming area from entry space with various elements like electric frosting glass or barn doors.

Their vice president of design, Vito Lotta, said that guests are after larger bathrooms when looking at the room size. They prefer showers over bathtubs because there is more space for marble vanity basins which is important in getting ready for a day or evening out.