Engaging With The Target Audience Through Technology

The two most important factors that are taken into account in direct marketing campaign is how to get information in front of the target audience and how to offer something of value they will act on. Direct marketers have always measured and analyzed results to determine whether their marketing campaigns are effective.

The good thing with today’s technology is the ability to track performance through tools like Google Analytics. If you are a startup, the best option is free Google Analytics that is being used by at least 80% of small and medium-sized industries. Eventually, as the business grows, you will probably need the paid version of analytic tools like Adobe Analytics to measure the results your marketing performance.

Conversion optimization is a practice of getting people that visit your site to do what you want like filling out a form that includes an email address. It is typical for people coming from an online ad to fill out a website form but with conversion optimization, the number of people can easily be doubled. There are marketing apps that provide higher conversion rates and higher levels of engagement than a form or content download.

Email is a very popular tool that allows you to engage with consumers. Email is not about spamming people but asking their permission to provide them with relevant information and valuable content tailored to their interests. While it takes something more powerful than emails to close a sale, it allows you to stay in front of the target audience.

There are different tools used for search engine optimization (SEO) from paid search ads like Google AdWords to website content. If Google AdWords data is integrated with Google Analytics data, you will know which ads are getting the clicks to lead to more revenue and opportunities. The results can be applied to both the online and offline marketing campaigns.

A 24hr electrician Perth should always consider using online advertising tools that can be accessed on any platform that the consumer prefers. Emails are now being opened through smartphones and search is mostly done through mobile. Ensuring that you have a mobile friendly site is the first step in your marketing campaign.