Exclusive Channel Launched For Wedding Videos

If you have not heard of the website Love Stories TV then you are missing out in a lot of things related to wedding. This is a channel dedicated to real life wedding videos that could rival with Hollywood wedding. This is a great resource for women at Latin-Brides.net for when they plan for the big day as there are many wedding videos to choose inspiration from.

Movie productions are no longer focusing on staged events but rather these modern day wedding events have already gotten its fair share of attention. The channel features aerial videos of outdoor vistas used as wedding venues as well as special moments between the wedding couple.

Brides hoping to get inspiration will see various settings as there are couples choosing the open pastures, deserted beach and forest among many others for their dream wedding shoot. There are many ways that love has been showcased when one takes the time to see the wedding videos within the channel. The best thing is that they are taken with the highest production values and the wedding cinematography can be compared to movies that are shown on the big screen.

According to Love Stories TV’s founder as well as CEO, Rachel Silver, the contents they have are the best there is. It showcases real couples and their love stories but they are made with professional production.

The website is not considered a TV channel but rather it is an online platform where wedding videos can be watched and shared as long as they are produced professionally.

The platform came to be after Silver discussed with colleagueshow they love to watch wedding videos and many of them do not remember where they saw the videos.

Silver said that many of them expressed the desire to watch more wedding videos of the same quality but they do not know of one site that offers what they are looking for. This is when she decided to launch the platform for brides including those with Latin-Brides.net that are planning their wedding as well as for those who are only fond of watching videos of the same theme.