Furniture Industry Aids Victims Of The Flood

Retailers as well as suppliers that are involved in the home furnishing sector are all coming together and stepping in front in order to show their support to all the victims of the most recent natural disaster which has caused a lot of flooding in Louisiana.

The Home Furniture of Lafayetter, La. which is included in the Top 100 companies has already pledged its support and said that they will give cash as well as in-kind donations amounting to $100,000 to aid those who have been majorly affected by the calamity. It has also noted that it is currently working together with American Red Cross as well as local agencies and various organizations.

Furthermore, the employees of Home extended their help through their efforts in joining neighborhood cleanup drives. The retailer also voiced out that they are continuing whatever they are doing in order to provide relief assistance through the individual donations as well as distributions of the supplies that are needed by the affected individuals and families.

Tony Kemp, the Chief Operating Officer, said in a statement that they are deeply saddened with the news of the flooding in Louisiana which is not only devastating but also created a catastrophic impact to the neighbors of the retailer as well as to all its members of the community. He also extended their thoughts and prayers to all the victims of the calamity.

According to the American Red Cross, the recent flooding in Louisiana is considered the worst natural disaster that has ever happened since the Superstorm Sandy which hit last 2012. Based on the news report, less than 15 per cent of the homeowners that have been affected by the flood are covered by any form of flood insurance.

A preliminary analysis has been conducted and it was noted by the Baton Rouge Area Chamber that 20 of the parishes in Louisiana have been declared as under federal disaster. Eight out of the nine parishes that are in the Baton Rouge region have been included in the list. The report also said that over 110,000 homes within the region have been affected by the flooding.

With this in mind, the people will bneed more home furniture as they build their lives back from this calamity.