Gadget That Offers Real Time Translation

There is a recent innovation that could break all the barriers when it comes to languages. This new technology will aid a person in understanding a language that one does not speak.

According to sources, the said gadget is called pilot earphones and resembles the Babel Fish which was used in the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy which enables two people who speaks foreign languages to understand one another.

The earphones will be able to translate four languages including English, Italian, Spanish and French. This will be released by autumn of 2016. The estimated price will be around $129 and will be available for those who plan to preorder online.

The gadget works when two people who are speaking different languages are speaking to each other and the earphones translates in real time what the other person is saying.

Pilot is considered to be the very first smart earpiece that could connect people by translating from two different languages. The technology was developed by Waverly Labs and according to them this little gadget will make it possible for two people who are speaking different languages but still understand one another.

There was no disclosure as to how the technology works except that it can be used as a translation piece which is embedded in application. There is still more to know regarding this little piece of technology.

The device is on its first generation and will only work if two people conversing are wearing the earphones. Moreover, the developer is planning to make another earpiece that will have the ability to translate everything that is happening once you are in a foreign country.

The developer, Waverly Labs, is a company that is based in New York and the technology was developed after one of their technicians introduced the idea. The said technician met a French girl and had the greatest desire to communicate with her.

The company is making a campaign for crowdfunding so people who are interested can preorder vie their website. For a foreigner, it is much better to learn English and not be dependent on devices such as this. For educators, if you are planning to teach English as a foreign language, check out Entrust TEFL.