Google Stops Spread Of False Ads On Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction has become a global problem that affects everyone whether rich or poor, male or female and urban or rural. There are many reports that celebrities are also facing the challenges of addiction. An option for individuals who want to recover from addiction in comfort and seclusion is luxury rehab that respects the dignity and privacy of a patient.

In the United States, the growth of addiction is very alarming. This has resulted into greater demand for addiction treatments. Many businesses have responded to the need but they unknowingly created a market for deceptive advertising that is out to make quick bucks from the clicks made by online users. The market for addiction treatment is very valuable and many marketers are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per click on Google ads.

According to reports from the New York Times, some of the advertisements posted can be unfit to treat certain patients and could pose risks to their lives. There are also misleading information regarding rehabilitation centers for addiction treatment. Verge has reported that Google is purging rehab-related AdWords this week without warning. Terms that include “alcohol treatment,” “rehabs near me” and “drug treatment” will no longer feature ads. Google further said that restrictions on ads will happen on a gradual process.

Google is the most popular search engine that people use when they look for addiction treatment. The industry for addiction treatment is host to a wide range of businesses and treatment options. It can be difficult for a new patient to choose the best option because of the vast array of options that include equine therapy, holistic treatment, support groups and pharmaceutical treatments. Most treatments would require a referral from a doctor but the addiction treatment industry has no such constraints. Shady advertisers make use of the name of reputable rehab facilities but direct people to a different provider.

Google has made the effort to stop the spread of false advertisements. On the other hand, if you are searching for a reputable rehabilitation facility, your best option is luxury rehab that caters to clientele that prefer national scenery and revolutionary holistic treatments. Different amenities are available to ensure that the patient is in tip-top condition.