Guide In Setting Up Your Process Serving Company

One of the most in demand business nowadays is process serving. The need does not stop as long as there are lawsuits filed by defendants. The role of process servers is to serve the documents to the intended individual who is involved in the case. This serves as a notice and should be done before the trial starts. If the court finds out that the process of serving does not follow the legal rules, there is a possibility that the whole case could be dismissed. This is why it is imperative for a process server to have full knowledge of the applicable laws when it comes to serving documents and his part in the whole legal proceeding. If you are planning to start your own process serving company, read on to see some tips below.

  • Before anything else, make sure that you have secured a licensure or certification that will approve your business. This is a requirement from agencies in different states before the process serving business could operate.
  • Get the right general liability insurance to make sure that your business is fully covered as well as to avoid any problems associated with process serving. If you are hiring additional employees, make sure to have insurance for workers’ compensation.
  • Do your research using the library and attend a seminar in order to learn on how to perform investigations and make sure that you meet all the legal requirements when it comes to process serving in your specific state. Every state has different laws when it comes to an effective process serving. If you want more information regarding the industry, check out the National Association of Professional Process Servers or NAPPS.
  • Rent your own office space with a strategic location. Learn to ask about the lawyers that are leasing inside the building. It is best to have an office that is close to a group of lawyers so that you will get a chance to expand your network as well as a way to market your business to clients because of convenience.

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