Having The Right Pillow Height For A Good Night Sleep

It can be comforting if you have the right bed pillows. You support the most intricate structure of your body, specifically the head, neck, spine, shoulders and hips. When properly used, a pillow can alleviate or prevent common forms of neck and back pain and other forms of joint pain. Pillows are meant to align the upper body during sleep. It counterbalances the body and relieves pressure, thus having a good night sleep.

Good Pillow Support Prevents Spine Problems

If you have spinal disorders, you need to find the right support to make your spine rest comfortably. This will also have you sufficient and restorative sleep, which can heal the body from physical, postural and nervous challenges within a day.

A pillow can come in variety of fillings to provide a good level of support.  If you use firmer materials, it can offer a better structural support than those filled with feather or related materials.

A study has been used to compare the support offered by three various types of pillows:

  • A feather pillow made of 100% goose down.
  • A foam pillow made of polyurethane
  • An orthopedic pillow filled with polypropylene capsules

For spinal alignment, the best to use is an orthopedic pillow. Usage of feather pillows are discouraged. Anyway, it’s really up to you on how you are going to choose your pillows.

Why Align Your Pillow Height against Your Sleep Position and Body Size

If your pillow is too high when you sleep on your back or sideways, the neck will abnormally bend forward or to the side. This can trigger muscle strain on your shoulders and at the back of the neck. This will narrow the air pipe, obstruct breathing and result in snoring, which may prevent a good night rest. Also, if it is too low, you can possibly strain your neck muscles.

Whatever you choose for your pillow, it will depend on what position you sleep. Anyway, you can find them in selected online shops which come in various designs and shapes. Having the right choice of pillows can provide comfort and relaxation especially when you need to lie down in bed and rest.