HID Global To Provide The Technology For Smart Card ID’s

The technology used on plastic card printing in Melbourne is easy and highly intuitive. The card printers look a lot like the traditional paper printers used for printing documents. However, the way that plastic card printer works is different because they ensure that the ID cards are more durable and not easily tampered with.  Replacement only occurs when the plastic card is lost or misplaced.

In Indonesia, millions of government workers will get smart card IDs as a way of moving forward for future closed systems that require identification and payment authentication. The technology for the smart cards is provided by HID Global. The deployment for the smart cards comes with lower costs compared to similar projects.

HID Global was given the contract from Indonesia’s State Employment Agency to provide Fargo HDP5000 smart card printers. The card printers will produce contact chip-based identification documents for about 4.5 million current Indonesian workers including those who have retired from work.

The smart card which is called Kartu PNS Elektronik (KPE) card will contain personal and banking information so that users can conveniently withdraw their salaries or pension funds from ATM machines. The KPE card will also allow workers and pensioners to make debit payments within government buildings. It can also be used as proof of identity. The chips which can be found on smart card IDs carry a private key that is exclusive to BadanKepegawaian Negara (BKN).

The low operating costs will allow BKN to issue the smart cards without exceeding the budget. However, it will require about 9 months to deploy the printing system and another 3 months for printing and encoding. HID Global has to ensure that all the sub systems will work properly after the main database system is installed. Before the smart card is implemented, the cards have to be distributed to 4.5 million workers at the same time.

The printing of cards through plastic card printing in Melbourne is accessible and affordable for most businesses. Plastic ID cards can be issued to workers for identification and security purposes. Plastic visitor badges can be used to show the businesses’ commitment to design, quality and creativity.