High-Speed Train Will Not Include Rayong Stop

The proposed new high speed train is intended to link Don Mueang going to Suvarnabhumi and then U-tapao but recent development showed that Rayong town might not be included as one of the stops. This is because the railway station planned to be used in Rayong did not qualify based on environmental standards. This news dampened the mood of accommodations including modern hotel in Rayong because it is expected to make it easier for guests to travel to and from Bangkok.

According to the local chamber of commerce as well as local groups, they are doing campaigns in order to gather support which will help them send a petition to the government to amend their decision which is to remove Rayong from the project’s first construction phase.

The campaign is headed by NoppadolTangsoncharoen who is chamber of commerce’s president in Rayon. Their first step was to collect their supporters’ signatures and they hope to be able to gather a minimum of 10,000.

Major companies and organizations are also taking part in the campaign such as the tourism business association, commercial banks club and the council assigned for industrial sector.

The committee of the government, on the other hand, is currently monitoring the biggest project they have at the moment which is the EEC or Eastern Economic Corridor. They are also the same committee that made the decision to exclude Rayong from the stops to be made by the high-speed train connecting three airports. Mr. Noppadol said that the decision was solely because of the issue they have encountered with the EIA or environmental impact assessment.

Majority of the locals are quite sad when they heard the latest announcement because they are already expecting their town to be a part of the high-speed train’s route. The promise made by the government of Thailand also gave them hope of a better economy in the future brought by the development of the high-speed train.

The petition is yet to be forwarded to the government and establishments such as modern hotel in Rayong are expecting that something positive will come out of it.