Hollywood Costume Designer Makes Space Suits

Jose Fernandez, a Hollywood costume designer, was contracted by Elon Musk to create spacesuits for SpaceX astronauts.

Fernandez who is the founder of Ironhead Studio is one of the famous names from the costume designing and prop making of the movie business. He is responsible for creating the Iron Man suit as well as Captain America outfits. In a span of 20 years, he brought to life the characters of Spider-man, Wolverine, Thor, Loki, Alien, Fantastic Four, the Watchmen and the more recent Batman and also Wonder Woman.

He also worked on science fiction costumes in Tron, Daft Punk’s outfits from the Grammy Awards and even Black Eyed Peas’ robot suits.

All of these caught Elon Musk’s eyes who is the owner of SpaceX, a space program.

In an interview with a magazine, Fernandez mentioned that he was asked to create a spacesuit by SpaceX. He was given 2 weeks to put forward a space suit to Musk but presented a helmet instead since the time was not enough. Musk liked the helmet. He has already worked with Musk for 6 months. They were able to create a suit to be fully functional during flight.

Musk really wanted stylish and bad ass spacesuits according to Fernandez. He mentioned that it has to look heroic since it is iconic.

SpaceX was given an official approval to send astronauts by NASA in November 2015. These astronauts will be sent to the International Space Station (ISS) in the succeeding years. NASA needs to pay 70 million dollars per seat for these US astronauts. They are to ride Russia’s Soyuz space capsules.

NASA gave SpaceX seed money. SpaceX will start sending astronauts by 2017. They also have a plan to bring the astronauts by 2025 to Mars.

Fernandez is just one of those costume designers who have been successful in the field. Many others purposely want to get into costume designing by taking their design creations and wearing them. These can be from modifying TV Store Online Costumes or from really creating costumes from scratch. Whatever their process is, hopefully they get something great as what Fernandez has achieved.