How A Limousine Company Found An Opportunity In The Pokemon Go Fame

According to the latest news, Pokemon Go, the phenomenal game app, generates about $1.6 million a day. People who have downloaded the game on their mobile gadgets have to walk around to catch the digital animal-like monsters using their mobile phones. With over 30 million downloads, Pokemon Go is indeed the latest pop craze.

Reston Limousine found an opportunity in the popularity of Pokemon Go. Instead of players walking around while playing the game, they can play inside the comforts of a car that is traveling slowly enough. Reston Limousine has made available the Pokebus, a van or minibus that can be hired for a Pokemon Go tour to catch the virtual creators.

According to Jonah Berger, an associate professor of marketing at Wharton School in Pennsylvania, there are risks to incorporating a potentially fleeting trend like Pokemon Go into a business’ marketing content even if the game app is currently relevant. However, it is not an issue with Reston Limousine to associate their company with the video game. Pokemon Go is entertainment and the Reston Limousine specializes in the same area. For Reston Limousine, tapping into the popularity of the game is a win-win situation because it has successfully increased the company’s exposure.

Vehicles in Reston Limousine can be hired for a rolling Pokemon Go party so that players do not have to walk into dangerous areas or play while they are driving. Significant buzz was created for the company when Reston Limousine undertook a social media campaign. Facebook posts that related to the Pokebus have generated more than 10,000 engagements.

Reston Limousine plans to continue pushing the Pokebus in its promotional campaigns. The Pokebus can be hired for Pokemon-themed birthday celebrations or for distillery and brewery tours around the area. Aligning the Reston Limousine with Pokemon Go is most likely to be one of their most successful marketing campaigns.

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