How To Eat Healthy In American Restaurants In Hong Kong

Health conscious individuals try to do away with eating at American restaurants in Hong Kong. True enough, if you would think about burgers, salad dressings, fries, friend food like has brown and chips, the picture of dripping oil and excessive calories would naturally cross your mind. However, there are ways for you to eat healthy and enjoy sumptuous food even if you dine in an American restaurant. Here’s how:

Choose healthier options

Even if you are conscious with what you eat, eating healthy food repeatedly can be monotonous, besides, you can always have cheat days every now and then without ruining your diet. American restaurants typically offer oily and fried food. However, there are American restaurants that offer healthy options on their menu to balance their food choices and also to accommodate customers who are conscious of that they consume. Look for green salads on the menu or food with more vegetables on it such as fresh garden salads or chilli cheese nachos. You may also opt for grilled food instead of fried.

Choose smaller portions

American restaurants in Hong Kong are known to offer extra-large portions and excessively big burgers which is tantamount to oozing calories resulting to extra weight. Instead of choosing full order, find out if the restaurant offers half size or if there are smaller serving of their current offer. You can also share your food with your partner or group so you won’t have to finish everything on your own.

Cut the order in two

To enjoy delectable food in American restaurants in Hong Kong without the guilt feelings, inform the waitress beforehand that you want the order to be cut in half; one half would be eaten in the restaurant while the other half should be packed to go. This way, not only were you able to lower down your calorie intake, you will still have something to eat the next day plus, you were able to save money on your food. For food with dressing, tell the waitress to separate the dressing so you can control the amount that goes into your food.