How To Generate Roofing Estimates Through Google Earth Images

Homeowners who have roof construction needs can now make use of space-based apps to ensure more accurate estimates of their roof.  According to New Scientist, there are two firms that are using satellite imagery so that customers will be provided with more information regarding the costs associated to roof repairs and to enable them to connect with more competitive roof contractors.

Toronto-based Roofr and Portland, Oregon-based Viirt generate roofing estimates by showing customers the aerial view of their home using Google Earth images. Homeowners only need to draw an outline around their roof through a tool on the firm’s website. There are three choices: shallow, medium or steep gradient.

Steps in instant satellite roofing estimate

  • Enter the address and follow the prompts so that the satellite imagery software can generate an instant estimate
  • Within the next 24 hours a member of the team will set an appointment with an installer
  • The installer will visit the property for roof inspection and help with the choice for the right roof
  • A firm quote will be sent and you have to agree before the installer starts with the project

Roof measurements are computed automatically including any additional adjustments based on the gradient. If the homeowner was successful in highlighting the roof, the generated estimate and the price will be within 5% of the contractor’s bid. This will create more transparency for the homeowner because the measurements are at least 98% accurate.

The technology will streamline the roofing replacement process from start and finish. Space-based apps were not previously available to consumers as well as contractors. In fact, the Google Earth tool is now becoming increasingly popular in other applications like home maintenance, garden measurements and lawn care estimates.

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