How To Grow Thailand Orchids For Sale?

Do you have the talent to be with moths? Many say they don’t have, but to be with moth orchids can make you sway nicely into the breeze and many of its newer hybrids have a nice fragrance. Especially if you are a beginner, you can take good care of these moths anytime anywhere. The moths are frequently found in gardens and there are classified as the phalaenopsis orchids. This is when you plan to have Thailand Orchids for sale when it comes in bulk.

Phalaenopsis are those which are easy to care in your homes. Their blooms can last up to three months and they are the most colorful hybrids. Just like the rest of the orchids family, they need humidity, temperature, light, water and fertilizer to grow. It may seem a lot but it’s really that easy.

Moth orchids need humidity as they actually grow wild in humid rainforests. In warmer months, it would be nice to have them wet once or twice in day. They also enjoy staying a bright bathroom.

Let’s take into consideration the temperature that moth orchids like. These orchids like to live in temperatures from 55 to 80 degrees. However, during fall, their temperature gradient could be 10 to 15 degrees for at least fourteen days to make their flowers bloom.

The best light you can provide your phalaenopsis orchids is indirect light. You don’t have to put it under direct sunlight as it can damage the leaves of the plant. You may put the orchid on the west facing window to get just enough sunlight.

Phalaenopsis orchids have no outgrowth to keep water and for this reason, growers should never keep them completely dried out. It’s really best to keep them wet with water all the time. When you see that they are starting to dry up, water them from top to bottom for at least 20 to 30 seconds. It’s not also great to see them completely watered as their roots can rot.

It’s also great to fertilize the orchid once or twice a month with fertilizer solutions. You may also want to fertilize the plant every other week to keep it healthy. Except for summer months, you can use high nitrogen fertilizer.

Remember, when you have them in bulk, you can possibly offer the Thailand orchids for sale for extra income.