In The Near Future Driving Can Be Automated But Not Plumbing

It is expected that in the near future, commodity jobs in the on-demand market like driving for ridesharing companies like Uber will be automated. However, when it comes to plumbers that will fix your pipes, the tutor who will teach math to your child and the caterer who will ensure there is food for your wedding reception, there is no way that they can be automated.

According to Thumbtack, that matches small business professionals to customers who require jobs done, there is great anxiety that the jobs for humans will be taken over by automation. Humans are smart and they know that their livelihood is in danger of slipping away. Thumbtack CEO Marco Zappacosta pointed out that driving for Uber might no longer exist after a few years.

Ridesharing companies and large car manufacturers are making the effort to provide consumers with autonomous vehicles something that can happen in the next three to ten years. Once automation happens, it will have a very great impact on the industry much more than any law could.

The future for US workers will be the non-routine jobs which cannot be automated and cannot be outsourced to overseas providers. Among the jobs listed in Thumbtack’s marketplace include plumbing, education and healthcare. There is no way around the fact that these industries need human professionals.

Thumbtack faces competition from giant tech companies like Amazon, Google’s Alphabet and Angie’s List but in terms of marketplace it is bigger than the competition. Its services are more extensive because it offers everything from yoga instructors to emergency plumbers.

According to Thumbtack, the platform is being used by more than 10 million users who want to find workers. The company sends more than 250,000 professionals who are listed on the platform to generate more than $1 billion a year in earned income.

Fixing leaking faucets and repairing broken pipes including boiler maintenance and repair cannot be automated; it still needs human plumbers who have the skill and experience to fix the plumbing problem. However, when choosing a plumber, it is important to consider reliability, punctuality, trustworthiness and courtesy; not the size of the plumbing company.