Internet Marketing Techniques For A Successful Business

Stephan Aarstol knows the right internet marketing strategies that can drive a lot of traffic to his website. His knowledge of search engine optimization was put to good use when he redirected traffic to his online site that sold premium poker chips to increase its sales. Being a tech savvy, Aarstol noticed the number of searches for standup paddle boards so that he decided to join the fray. After conducting a research on standup paddle boarding and the gear that will be used for the sport, Aarstol created his own Tower Paddle Board.

Aarstol used the same online marketing techniques he used in this poker chips website to redirect traffic to his new company. Since standup paddle boarding was gaining a lot of popularity, earning a profit was not a challenge. In order to sell his paddle boards for a cheaper price, Aarstol removed the third party retailer and sold paddle boards directly to customers.

The key to the success of Tower Paddle Board is Aarstol’s knowledge of internet marketing techniques. He did not require expert help in building his website and redirecting traffic because he was capable of doing the job on his own. If you search Google for “the best paddle boards” Aarstol brand will often appear as the third or fourth link on the page. Regardless of the success of Tower Paddle Boards, Aarstol was looking for a partner who will provide additional investment.

Aarstol made a deal with Mark Cuban for 30% of the business with first refusal on any additional business ideas that Aarstol might have. Later on, Mark Cuban stated that he made the right decision to invest $150K to Tower Paddle Board because the company has become extremely popular. As of 2016, Tower Paddle Board has achieved a 3-year growth rate of more than 1850% and was recognized as the fastest growing company in San Diego.

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