Level Up For The Interiors Of Cadillac Escala

Cadillac recently relocated to its new global headquarters located in the Big Apple within the Hudson Square neighborhood. Their new place was designed by Gensler with Stefanie Shunk as its director and principal. After the move, good news was announced by the company. According to the coolest car company in all of America, it has debuted the most recent of concept car. The concept car is called Escala which is a Spanish term for scale. It has a sleek design and it is a four-door sedan. The length of the car is an impressive 210.5 inches. It has the deep-set headlights which is made of vertical OLED. According to Andrew Smith, the global design director of Cadillac, it was made in a way that it will have a sinister look to it.

Despite of the many awesome features, the most noted departure from the usual cars from Cadillac is that the interior of Escala. It has a gray-flannel interior which is all hand cut and hand sewn. The material that was used gave the car a Don Draper look from its dashboard, side panels, steering wheel and the back of the seats. Let us not forget the trunk of the car which has custom luggage inside. In order to complement the design, American walnut was used and engineered to create precise strips that will give the vehicle an inlaid as well as parquetlike effect.

The car has an aura of a slim-cut suit and it is highlighted by the fact that it has the latest technology available in the automotive industry which includes an array of display screens that are layered facing the driver. The display screens are made of OLED which are thin and curved. The backsides of the seats are wrapped in leather that is all hand-stitched. There is a central control system that contains a module which will give the driver the capacity to execute tactile commands aside from voice and gesture.

According to Smith, he briefed designers to create a car that you would die to drive and one that you want to be driven in. This is an example that interior decoration in Thailand and all over the world is important not just in homes as well as vehicles.