Manhattan Beach Company Specializes In Second Wedding Gifts

A Manhattan Beach company,  Maroxx Luxury Lifestyle Products, specializes in wedding gifts in a bit of an unorthodox way. Not in the sense that their range of products comes across as strange, but in the sense that their products are aimed at Wedding Gift Ideas for second-time wedding couples.

The company was founded by Marc Conneely, an Irish-born English entrepreneur who used to run the Wedding TV for six years, as well as handling MTV China for another three years later. His prior experience handling Wedding TV that gave him insight with handling weddings and wedding gifts.

It’s Conneely who says that weddings are great for bringing families together,  but that a lot of people find one thing about them somewhat difficult to enjoy; finding the proper wedding gift. He founded Maroxx with the intention of dealing with that issue.

According to him, the US  sees 2.3 million people getting married annually, with nearly half of that number being couples tying the know for a second time. Naturally, that leads to its own share of unique issues, not least of which is finding the right present, which is even harder due to the repeated nature of the wedding.

He says he came up with the concept when a friend approached him for a wedding for friends getting married for the second time, and asked for Wedding Gift Ideas, since they had no clue what to give the happy couple.

Conneely’s logic behind Maroxx is that a wedding gift needs to something unusual, unique and gives a good reminder of the giftgiver, but also something that the married couple can actually make use of. He states that there is a gap in the market for special wedding gifts, with the result being that people, when inquired about Wedding Gift Ideas, will generally answer somewhere along the lines of “I have no idea,” which is especially problematic for an occasion as special as a wedding. It is that problem that he and his company is aimed at handling, with classic gifts redone with modern designs and materials in order to make sure to they last for the couples.

Maroxx Luxury Lifestyle Products are available in the company’s official website, as well as on