Mark Zuckerberg Created His Own Personal Assistant

Before the year ends, Mark Zuckerberg introduced to the public the personal assistant he created, Jarvis. Jarvis has the ability to play the songs Zuckerberg wanted through the living room speakers and he can even let party guests in with the use of facial recognition and software for smart lock. The founder of Facebook started this year with a self-fulfilment goal to create his very own virtual personal assistant, the same one that Iron Man uses in the movie. He liked the idea so much that he copied the AI’s name as well – Jarvis. He was also able to bring in Facebook Messenger into the picture.

Zuckerberg wrote a Facebook post after sharing the AI he creates and admitted that in various ways, the challenge presented to be easier than he imagined. This is in comparison to another goal he set at the start of 2016 which is to run 365 miles. He shared that creating his own virtual assistant required less time compared to running. This is after the fact that he employed different techniques that touches base with artificial intelligence. He also included in the creation the processing of natural language, ability to recognize face and speech and reinforcement learning. The code was written using Python, Objective C as well as PHP.

Jarvis was created by Zuckerberg to help him control his home. It has the capacity to recognize guests and automatically unlock the front door, it can control the lighting and home security systems, and it can set the temperature and turn on the toaster with the use of a power switch that has been connected to the internet. He was able to control Jarvis through Messenger and an iOS app that he built himself equipped with voice recognition.

Jarvis was created with Zuckerberg according to custom system such as his ability to use facial recognition. To do this, Mark utilized multiple cameras that helps identify each faces and then compares it to a list of visitors that are pre-approved. You can only enter the house if you are included on the list. With the ability of virtual personal assistants, it is more important for humans to undergo personal assistant training in order to compete with AIs.