McDonald’s Improving Its Content Marketing Strategy

McDonald’s is known as one of the leader in fast food globally so it is not surprising when they recently announced that they are planning to improve their content marketing strategy to make is stronger. The company plans to do it within 12 months after which they have a target of reaching a total of 5,000 published articles, images and videos. This is in an attempt to give their customers a more valuable customer experience.

According to Deborah Wahl, the CMO of McDonald’s, they have already revealed their plans for the digital content during the IAB Mixx Conference hosted by Interactive Advertising Bureau. She also highlighted some of the successful examples that the company as accomplished with its effort in online marketing using various social media platforms including Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

Wahl also revealed that in the past two years, the company has created an estimated 2,500 pieces each year for the purpose of content marketing. This year, they are planning to create around 5,000 pieces to further their efforts in marketing content. The company is publishing more content but at the same time they are also making it a challenge to create not just any contents but valuable ones for their customers.

Snapchat is one of the best example of a useful platform for the fast food giant because it has helped increase brand awareness and more visibility after it has created geofilters wherein a French fries image may be seen representing thousands of restaurants that are situated all over the world. It was only last year when the geofilters were released to the public and it may be added by users on their photos. Ever since the introduction, it has gathered around 308 million views while it has been used roughly 12 million times.

Wahl also shared as a conclusion that they might have viewed media and marketing in such a narrow way before. There are now various marketing strategies that can be used such as broadcast, mobile, digital and print and each of them should be utilized in today’s generation.

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