Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform For Pest Management Professionals

Pest control techniques have evolved and pest control providers have moved with the times. Safe and environmentally friendly techniques are used by Sydney pest control instead of the traditional hazardous chemicals that leave harmful chemical residues in homes. Whatever chemicals used in pest management are guaranteed safe and non-toxic to provide consumers with peace of mind.

Bayer Digital Pest Management is collaborating with Microsoft Azure cloud platform to be able to offer customers an unparalleled combination of the past management industry’s experience and infrastructure for a smarter way of doing business to gain competitive advantage. Microsoft will power the services platform to help in elevating and expanding the strategic role of pest management professionals in today’s accelerated pace of change, regulatory challenges and evolving needs of consumers.

Microsoft services platform will provide pest management professionals with solutions that will leverage the Internet of Things and connected technologies so that workflows will be automated. If data will be transferable to actionable insights, there will be more transparency and space can be created for new growth opportunities.

According to Caglayan Arkan, general manager of Manufacturing at Microsoft, the Microsoft Cloud was designed as a flexible and scalable solution that will help solve business challenges that can impact on work and daily life. Microsoft will provide Bayer with the power of cloud and artificial intelligence so that the pest services platform can change the way that consumers address health and safety concerns all over the world.

The first innovative solution of Bayer Digital Pest Management is the Rodent Monitoring System that is designed for pest management professionals who are responsible for the protection of people against health and safety risks that are passed on by rodents. The system hopes to address the concerns of sensitive businesses like food processing where there is a need to mitigate risks and reduce complexities in compliance with new regulations.

Exceptional service has always been provided by Sydney pest control to ensure that health and safety will never be compromised during pest management. The products used in the eradication of pest are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable. Efficient staff has been well trained to the highest standards.