Modern Lights Technology Improves Sleep and Health

9-year-old girl sleeping

As her doctor advised, Tracy Mizraki used a light bulb to help her newborn son sleep. The amber colored light bulb, named Sleepy Baby worked well for her son.

The bulb is just one of technological innovation of lighting made to reverse the harmful consequences of artificial lights. The bulb also aids in regulation of sleep, vigilance and people’s dispositions.

According to Mariana Figueiro, the head of Lighting Center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, lighting is not merely an object on the ceiling today. It is also about giving personalized light managements to everyone.

Experts have studied over the years that various intensities and colors of light have potent effects on people. The idea however has been operated with costly bulbs alone. The price reaches as much as $300,000 for expert purposes like imitating the day lighting progression for astronauts and healing yellow skin of babies.

The company of Sleepy Baby is aiming to grow market of illumination to improve sleep and productiveness with bulbs including Alert, Awake and Good Night. LED lights now are becoming more refined and cheaper. Companies aim to develop organic nature friendly lighting system for average consumers.

Other companies are also producing fixtures which have comparable results. General Electric has stated that the company will market a color-shifting LED as a portion of its Align merchandise. The bulb is attuned to Apple’s HomeKit technology and is made to preset lighting based on the person’s sleep-wake cycle.

A couple of years ago, Philips presented Hue to the market. It is a Wi-Fi ready bulb fitted with Apple technology which gives the right amount and quality of light favorable to getting up and settling down.

Digital Lumens, a company manufacturing modern lights is providing bulbs for a research in Brown University. The study is meant to control glare and range of lights to stimulate learning of teenagers.

Establishments are also studying health uses of lighting. These include altering a person’s disposition and affecting internal body processes. Light can be used to improve collagen formation to hasten wound healing. These innovations in technology allows fixtures like bulbs and beds Perth to improve health easily at a lesser cost.