Mohawk Expands With New Products

A collaboration of companies was made recently, this March 1, by two American manufacturers, both of which aim to better serve the digital print market, which seeks to combine their knowledge and expertise and knowledge to bring the latest innovations in printing materials to match with today’s technologies. This collaboration is said to be a response to the demand for more specialized printing materials, brought about by developments in printing technology.

Mohawk Fine Papers, a paper manufacturing company aimed at the North American markets, and Aurora Specialty Textile Group, textile substrate expert, have announced their partnership via the launch of the Mohawk Printable Textiles and Canvas, a product line of textiles designed specifically for digital printing. Engineered by the Aurora Group, these textiles are expertly designed and engineered for the latest in digital printer technologies, allowing for a myriad of useful applications, in accordance with Mohawk’s belief in the ability of technology to innovate the printing business, for the best canvas prints, photos and papers available.

This partnership, however, will not preclude Aurora’s independent operations; the group will function as they would in the past.

The Aurora Group’s Director of Sale and Marketing, Mark Shaneyfelt, has stated that the company finds the venture very promising combining Aurora’s textile expertise and Mohawk’s paper distribution knowledge. The endeavor, he states, is aimed to provide the North American market with a single destination for any needs regarding digital print media.

Mohawk’s VP, Mike Madura, has returned the sentiment. Stating that the partnership will broaden their product range and that they are pleased to work with an organization like Aurora, known for their top-of-the-line products; such as textiles and canvas.

Both companies are highly decorated and respected in their respective fields, known for their notable history and future-minded innovation.  They have also shown their dedication to supporting the local US economy with their high-standard products, R&D devoted to not only the latest innovations but, also sustainable business practices.

This product line is a representation of the two companies’ aim to provide the best quality for their customers, whether it’s the best canvas prints, photos or textile prints.

The product line is as follows:

  • Mohawk Printable Canvas Expressions, Engineered by Aurora, available in the following options:
    • Cotton Natural
    • Gloss
    • Semi-Gloss
    • Matte
    • Satin
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Linen FR, Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Decoprint Pearl from SENFA
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Premium Poplin LX with ColorPRO Technology, Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Sticky Stuff 8 oz., Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Poly Banner Plus, Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Cotton Natural Canvas, Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Poly Woven 8oz., Engineered by Aurora
  • Mohawk Printable Textiles Triple White FR, Engineered by Aurora