Nest Releases New Products Following Re-Absorption By Google

Google recently took back the smart home device company Nest, which they let go a while back, and just in time, too, as it seems like Amazon is looking to encroach on Google’s hold on smart home tech and home alarm systems across the world.

Following Google’s reclamation of Nest, Amazon went and snatched up Ring, known for their video doorbells and other smart home tech, for a reported purchase cost of $1B. Following that, Amazon put an embargo on any Nest products, meaning that the e-commerce titan won’t be getting near, let alone selling any Nest products, in a move that many are seeing as Amazon drawing a line in the sand.

Nest is looking to strike back, with an announcement on the 15th of March, revealing that the company will be making their latest products, the Nest x Yale smart door lock and the Nest Hello video doorbell available for sale, at $249 and $229, respectively. These new products, of course, are integrated in the new Google-Nest system.

For example, using the Nest app to open your brand new Nest x Yale lock, it’ll also disable any Google or Nest home alarm systems, like the Nest Secure. Another action made possible by the Google-Nest merger is the ability to use Google Home speaker in order to let your Google Chromecast -enabled TV to play the feed from your Nest Hello video doorbell. Other interactions are also possible, thanks to the new ecosystem.

According to Director of Product Marketing Maxime Veron, Nest, it’s this new ecosystem and the Google-powered AI that will make all the difference, a statement with some weight thanks to Veron’s 6 years of involvement with the company. With regards to Amazon’s move, Veron calls it interesting, with the acquisition still remaining mostly under wraps.

Veron, however, notes that the company takes pride in being able to play nice with others, with their products able to interact with other apps, with Amazon apps able to control Nest devices. He says that Nest is open to being open, and that they have no plan to change that now, even with Amazon setting its terms.

With regards to Nest’s re-absorption, Veron says that they are still discussion how Nest and Google can play on each other’s strength to grow and benefit, hand-in-hand.