New Technology That Businesses Have To Be Aware Off

Thoughtful businessman in the office.

It is very likely for your business to be affected by several changes in technology over the past week. Be well informed so that you can adopt your business to these changes.

  • LinkedIn which is usually used by professionals as a networking and social media tool has suffered from a data breach. An estimated number of 9.5 million users may have been affected and their contact information compromised. This serves as a lesson for businesses that store confidential information online.
  • Sweetgreen, the popular salad chain has recently announced that all its 64 stores will no longer be accepting cash payments. The company has noticed that its employees have performed from 5% to 15% more transactions with cashless payments every hour. Staffs no longer need to handle large amounts of money.
  • Sticky sensors and labels have been introduced by Xerox-owned PARC to be attached and peeled off from devices. The labels have been embedded with sensors to transmit data for monitoring purposes. Instead of batteries, the sensors run through radio frequency technology.
  • A free travel app called Pana will help in organizing your plans. Once you have connected your email to the service, it can send personalized trip alerts and create a live itinerary that can be viewed offline. Frequent business travellers can opt for the paid version to automatically check flights.
  • Slack is a popular messaging app that can improve client relationships. “Eva Bot” can send individual gifts or upload a file of names and email addresses. It can also indicate a type of gift that includes a generic message that is automatically sent. Slack can be good for businesses because it will automatically send gifts to loyal customers. It makes use of artificial intelligence technology that can be used for the future.

Several innovations have certainly provided benefits to businesses. For example, team building can be personalized to create a unique experience for a team. Special event packages are being offered in amazing venues to fit a specific objective. Providers of event packages also take care of catering options, beverage menus and event management according to the event budget.