Popular Apps For Real Estate According To Google

With today’s technology, it is not surprising to hear that a recent data shows that online users are prone to searching houses as well as browsing home values using their mobile phones.

Google has conducted a new research which was revealed at one of the largest real estate conference held just this week. The result of the research proved the fact that more and more people are using digital apps to search for real estate properties.

The information may not come as a surprise but the time spent looking for residential properties might be surprising to many. According to the research conducted by Google, the average time spent is around 55 minutes for every visit to a single real estate application.

The number has been gathered from a thousand responders who participated in the interviews as well dozens of surveys made and many hours of tracking spent on the behavior of online users.

According to the partner of the real estate of Google, John Thornton, as soon as customers wake up in the morning there are already searched in the real estate listings through the use of their mobile phones. This statement was spoken during the Inman Connect conference held in San Francisco last Wednesday. The event was comprised of a standing-only room of audience.

The days where majority of the people are afraid in acquiring properties are already in the past. As a proof these are the information provided:

  • 69 per cent of the participants in the survey sent out by Google responded that they consider shopping for properties as fun using their mobile phones and other methods online.
  • 64 per cent of them keep coming back to look at houses and their values despite having acquired one.
  • Google also revealed that in average, home owners start searching online three years before they actually buy the property.
  • One in every five online users who are looking at digital apps for real estate is really sure to buy a property.

This does not mean though that people are not using agents whenever they plan to purchase a property. If you are planning to buy one in Australia then contact Aveling Homes.