Purcell To Resign In 2018 As CEO Of Marine Trade Group

In a recent announcement made by the Marine Industries Association of South Florida, the current CEO as well as executive director of the association Phil Purcell is going to resign from his post and will be leaving the office starting January of 2018.

It was back in January of 2014 when Purcell decided to take the position as the leader of the association. He was 51 years old at that time. He took the post only a short time after he retired as one of the partners in Westport Shipyard located in the Washington state. This is where he devoted his career for 17 years serving as the senior management and sales.

Purcell said that he loved his work in the organization because of the amazing team he has and he is also proud of all the achievements that MIASF has received so far. The organization has created a total economic impact of $11.5 billion and this is the reason why the marine industry was given a seat at the table in order to have a voice in important issues including philanthropy, transportation, trade, employment and infrastructure.

In the entire time he served at the marine industry trade group based in Fort Lauderdale, Purcell was able to work with the board of directors and he has accomplished a lot. This is according to a statement made by Danielle Butler who is the chairman of the board.

These accomplishments paved way to an agreement with the producers of Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, Show Management, which will last for 30 years. He was also the one responsible in completing the dredging being done at the Intracoastal Waterway as well as passing the state legislation that puts a cap to the sales tax involving repairs and refits.

Butler added that they are lucky to be under the leadership of Phil for several years because he has created leverage for the organization that will last throughout 2017 and years later.

Now is a good time to visit Fort Lauderdale Florida because of the development and improvement in the city that will make your vacation more enjoyable than before.