Reasons For Homeowners To Design A High-Tech Bathroom

Interior of the modern design bathroom 3D rendering

Based from a Houzz Bathroom Trends Report, the bathrooms of today are already more technological compared to before.

For people walking in a recently remodeled bathroom, they can see everything, such as wired toilets, hands free faucets, built-in TVs, and baths and showers that administer light therapy and aromatherapy to modify a temperature, depending on its user.

High-tech bathroom facilities

Twenty percent of renovated master bathrooms showcase a high-tech attribute, according to the Houzz report, and the bathroom technology is rapidly increasing with built-in tub lighting at 64%, shower lighting at 60% and self-cleaning toilet at 43% being the leading high-tech attribute.

San Diego based designer Jamie Gold mentioned that it became widely popular in the recent years, as everyone’s lives got integrated with electronics. Gold added that the expectation is for a phone to be everywhere one goes, offering news and entertainment as one gets ready for the day or as it ends. Since the bathrooms already evolved from just being normal spaces to being personal retreats, technology also evolved to improve them.

The Virginia Tech Center for Design Research made its FutureHAUS Bathroom that predicted that the future bathrooms are going to have flooring which sends out warnings when someone falls.

Toilets have also been influenced by technology, according to Houzz principal economist Nino Sitchinava. She mentioned that people can pick from self-cleaning toilets, or toilets that have motion-activated seats, hands free flushing, built-in heated seats, self-deodorizers, or those that have overflowing protection.

According to the president of company Better Kitchens Inc. Alan Zielinski, showers are also a different area where the homeowners can add technology.

He recommended the latest Moxie Showerhead & Wireless Speaker by Kohler that provides a lot of simple technology.

With lighting, it no longer needs to become permanent, either.

Mikel Welch, an interior designer and the owner of Mikel Welch Designs, favors Philips’ Hue Lighting System since it offers different types of bathroom lighting, catering to any mood.

Summing up

Aside from high-tech features, there are also design and aesthetic features which are popular today, such as frameless shower screens. Obviously, these new technologies are going to cost money, with a high-tech toilet price or a frameless shower screen price being relatively expensive, but, undoubtedly, offer more convenience and a better looking bathroom.