Related Services To Look For During Office Refurbishment In Sydney

If you are planning to do an office refurbishment in Sydney, you would not need a single specialist for it. Aside from a specialist in office fitouts or one that builds partitions, cubicles and divisions in office spaces, you would also need other traders and handyman to have a balanced and overall remodelling project. To minimize your expenses and the hassles of coordinating with different contractors, look for a company that specializes in various trades. Here are some of the contractor’s expertise that you should look for.


Plastering cracked walls is important to achieve a presentable and impressive office space. Aside from a neat appearance, it will also prevent the habitation of bugs and insects on those wall holes and cracks. Aside from that, having poor plastering on your walls makes the entire area unpleasant to look at and this could present a negative impression among your customers. While you’re at it, you might also want to consider fixing broken lights or replacing them with more contemporary lighting fixtures.

Wall painting

When doing an office refurbishment in Sydney, there is a high chance that you would also have to repaint your walls to achieve an overall impressionable look for your office. You might want to consider using your brand colour or any toned down colour to add a professional atmosphere to your office.  For ideas, you can check the websites of fitout companies and view their galleries or you can also pay a visit to the offices of your business partners for ideas. You might also want to check office-themed movies and TV series for ideas on colour, office arrangement and overall design for your office.

Project management

To make the project even more convenient for you, hire a contractor for office refurbishment in Sydney that will not only build and implement your project but one that can manage it starting from conceptualization down to its completion. Ask for cost estimates from at least three contractors to get price comparison on services. Choose a service provider that offers realistic but budget-friendly cost estimate. Find time to read reviews and testimonials.